The buildings which we live in whether they be houses, apartments, or some other type of dwelling, help to protect us from the extremes of nature. However these same buildings that protect us can also affect our environment and our health in numerous ways. As this becomes more apparent, there is a new field of construction gaining momentum that is referred to as green building. Green building is defined as the practice of creating and using more resource efficient types of renovation, operation, demolition, and maintenance. The following resources will help you learn all their is to know about environmentally friendly building and construction.

Energy Efficiency

  • EEBA – Website of the Energy and Environmental Building Alliance, provides information and education on sustainable building.
  • Building Technologies Program – Information on the US Department of Energy’s BTP program which funds research and technology to reduce energy building energy use.
  • Building Green – A list of resources and articles with information on energy efficient building.

Water Efficiency

Environmentally Friendly Building Materials

Waste Reduction

Indoor Air Quality

  • IAQ Management – Information from the Environmental Protection Agency on indoor air quality management during construction planning.
  • Maintaining Indoor Air Quality – Information on maintaining indoor air quality during construction and renovation projects.
  • IAG Guide – A guide to designing and constructing buildings with good indoor air quality.

Sustainable Development

  • Sustainability In Construction – A diagram explaining how sustainable development is implemented in the construction industry.
  • Sustainable Building Manual – A manual produced in part by the Department of Energy showing how to design, operate, and maintain environmentally friendly buildings.
  • Sustainable Living Skills – Some tips and information on the skills needed to build a sustainable and environmentally friendly house or other building.